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Installation And Setup; Software - Honeywell EW44*A Series Installation And Setup

Mechanical heatmeters
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Installation and Setup

Heat meters generally are only approved for metering of water
and not for water glycol mixtures or fluids other than water.
During measurement meter must be completely filled with
Flow Sensor
EW447-452 Series mechanical meters must be installed in the
return pipeline. When installed in the supply pipeline measure-
ments are either unreliable, inaccurate or nonexistent. Pipeline
configuration cannot be changed in the field.
• Avoid installation at highest point of system or system part as
air may be trapped in meter
• It is recommended to place a ballvalve before and after the
heat meter for easy replacement
• Various fittings are available for sizes DN15...DN40
• Ball valves and fittings see Accessories on page 9f
• Further it is recommended to place a strainer before the
meter to avoid dirt entering the flow sensor
Meter (exemplary)
Ball valve
Connection fitting
Fig. 4. Flow sensor installation
Calming legs
• EW447, 448, 450 and 451: calming legs before or after meter
are not required
• EW449 and 452: a calming leg of 3 x DN before meter is
recommended, in case of a T-piece or bend before the meter
a length of 5 x DN is recommended


In general it is not necessary to parametrise EW447-452
meters in the field unless standard values should be changed.
Such changes can be done with the HydroSet software which
you can download free of charge from
EN0H-2601GE25 R0413
Connection fitting
Ball valve
Installation position
• EW447 and 450 may be installed in any position
• EW448, 449, 451 and 452 may only be installed in horizontal
Temperature Sensors
• Temperature sensors have to be installed like for like.
Example: if one temperature sensor is installed directly in the
flow, the second temperature sensor also has to beinstalled
directly in the flow
• Temperature sensors may only be installed directly in the
flow or, for sizes DN65 and larger, with MID approved sensor
pockets. See Accessories
• Sensor pockets can also be used for smaller sizes, although
installation directly in the flow is preferred
• Various fittings and other accessories are available for
temperature sensor installation, see Acessories on page 9f
Ball valve
Temperature sensor
installation kit
Fig. 5. Temperature sensor
installation with ballvalve
Fig. 6. Temperature sensor
installation with sensor
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents