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Idle Speed Inspection; Idle Speed Adjustment; Throttle Control System Inspection - Kawasaki Ninja 300 Service Manual

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Periodic Maintenance Procedures

Idle Speed Inspection

Start the engine and warm it up thoroughly.
With the engine idling, turn the handlebars to both sides
If handlebar movement changes the idle speed, the
throttle cables may be improperly adjusted or incorrectly
routed or damaged. Be sure to correct any of these
conditions before riding (see Throttle Control System
Inspection and Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing section in
the Appendix chapter).
Operation with improperly adjusted, incorrectly
routed or damaged cables could result in an unsafe
riding Condition. Follow the service manual to be
make sure to correct any of these conditions.
Check the idle speed.
Idle Speed
1 300 ±50 r/min (rpm)
If the idle speed is out of the specified range, adjust it.

Idle Speed Adjustment

Start the engine and warm it up thoroughly.
Turn the adjusting screw [A] until the idle speed is correct.
Open and close the throttle a few times to make sure that
the idle speed is within the specified range. Readjust if

Throttle Control System Inspection

Check that the throttle grip [A] moves smoothly from full
open to close, and the throttle closes quickly and com-
pletely by the return spring in all steering positions.
If the throttle grip does not return properly, check the throt-
tle cable routing, grip free play, and cable damage. Then
lubricate the throttle cable.
Check the throttle grip free play [B].
Throttle Grip Free Play
2 ∼ 3 mm (0.08 ∼ 0.12 in.)
Run the engine at the idle speed, and turn the handlebar
all the way to the right and left to ensure that the idle speed
does not change.
If the idle speed increases, check the throttle cable free
play and the cable routing.
If necessary, adjust the throttle cable as follows.
Loosen the locknut [A].
Turn the adjuster [B] until the proper amount of free play
can be obtained.
Tighten the locknut against the adjuster securely.


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