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Operation Selection Guide 5 - Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual

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Operation Selection Guide
Program Button
• Press this button repeatedly to select the program you want.
• Press & hold this button for 3 seconds during a wash to cancel program.
Start Button
• Press the start button to commence the selected program.
• Pressing the start button again during a wash program will pause the machine, and
a "P" will flash in the display (All lights will flash on Model 907)
• Pressing the start/pause button again will continue the wash program.
Progress Indicator Lights
Shows the progress and position in the program.
Digital Display Window (Models 915 & 925)
Unit in Program Selection mode
Shows approximate remaining time of the wash cycle.
The initial wash time shown in the digital display window may vary over time.
The dishwasher adjusts the displayed wash time after each wash depending
on the wash load and water conditions detected
Unit in 2 hours Delay Start mode
Unit in Pause mode
Not Filling Fault
Not Draining Fault
Overfill Fault
Electrical Fault
Select program and press Start
To Cancel hold "Delay" button for 3 seconds
Press Start button to continue wash program
Check water supply & tap.
Check inlet hose filter
Check drain hose for kinks.
Check sink trap spigot is not blocked and f f ully drilled out.
Check filters and clean if dirty.
Turn off water tap and power
Call service
Turn off water tap and power
Call service
Model 915 / 925
Model 907

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