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How Your Dishwasher Works 2 - Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual

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How your dishwasher works:
The way your dishwasher works is quite simple
• Water enters the unit through an inlet hose & a water valve.
• A level switch controls the amount of water received into the unit. A dishwasher does
not fill up, like a washing machine. It uses much less water than a washing machine.
• During the main wash, a heater hidden under the stainless steel tub, heats the water.
• Detergent that you added to the dispenser, is dispensed in the main wash and is
gradually dissolved in heated water.
• This solution is then pumped through the spray arms, and the force of the water makes
the spray arms rotate so that all items in the baskets are reached. This wash action
removes the soil from your dishes.
• Depending on wash program and option selected, during the final rinse, the water is
heated to high temperatures and a small dose of rinse aid is automatically injected into
the water. This rinse aid stops water droplets clinging to washed items, and along with
the heat generated from the high water temperature, dries the items in the

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