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Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual page 18

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Foam left in dishwasher
Water left in the bottom of unit
Draining slow
Water not being pumped out
Brown spots or pitting of
stainless steel utensils
Tarnishing of silver
Detergent left in dispenser
Too many suds- too many
Water marks or foggy glasses
Streaks on dishes- dirty inside
Food particles on plates &
Tea & coffee stains in cups
Dirty wash – stains
Cutlery not drying
Mouldy smell
Not drying dishes
Walls are wet
Too much rinse aid, soft water areas
Low rinse temperature.
Drain system blocked
Filter blocked
Poor quality stainless steel
Detergent being thrown over cutlery
& saucepans.
Mixing with stainless steel cutlery
Spray arm holes blocked
Too much rinse aid, "soft" water
Hand washing liquid is used
Poor quality water/ not enough rinse
Poor loading
Filter not locked in position
Incorrect program selection
Dishes touching each other
Insufficient or poor quality detergent
Incorrect program selected
Spray arm holes blocked
Poor quality detergent
Wrong amount of detergent usage
Poor loading in cutlery basket
Water dropping from upper basket
Normal Eco program is selected
Not using rinse aid or not enough
Refer to Filling the rinse aid dispenser
Use higher temperature program.
Check drain hose for kinks, sharp bends & sink
trap for spigot blockage.
Clean all filters
Use 18/10 grade stainless steel.
Load detergent correctly in the dispenser.
Separate into different sections of the basket.
Unblock holes
Refer to Filling the detergent & rinse aid
dispenser - Water softness:
Melbourne: very soft, 30ppm
Sydney: soft, 50ppm
Brisbane: hard to very hard
Pour half cup of cooking oil in the dishwasher
and run it without dishes & with no detergent.
Increase rinse aid dosage
Do not overload dishwasher; use the
recommended loading pattern. Ensure that
dishes or cutlery are not preventing either spray
arm from rotating. Remove large food particles
before placing dishes in the dishwasher.
Check that the filters are correctly located &
Select "Heavy" wash program.
Refer to Page 9 & 10. Loading....
Increase detergent dose, use "Finish" brand-
Select heavier wash program.
Unblock holes
Use "Finish" – recommended.
Refer to Filling the detergent & rinse aid
dispenser – Page 11 & 12.
Refer to page 10. Loading....
Unload bottom basket first.
Use dishwasher freshener- Citro fresh
Use "Boosted Dry" option. Refer pg 6
Use rinse aid.
Increase dosage in hard water areas
Normal. The liner is stainless steel and will not
Perth: hard / very hard
Adelaide: hard, 120ppm

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