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Filling The Detergent Dispenser; Filling The Rinse Aid Dispenser - Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual

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Filling The Detergent Dispenser

Do not use normal hand washing up detergents
in your dishwasher.
They will cause severe foaming.
Always use fresh, good quality machine
dishwashing detergent.
Fill the detergent compartment labelled 25, or
compartment 15 when you use a concentrate.
Use extra detergent if the local water supply is
very hard.
Fill both detergent compartments (15 and 25) if
the load is large and greasy.
The dispenser automatically dispenses detergent
at the correct time in the dishwasher program.

Filling The Rinse Aid Dispenser

Rinse aid greatly improves drying and reduces water spots and filming. It causes the water to
"sheet" off the dishes rather than form water droplets that cling and leave spots. You must use
sufficient rinse aid to get good drying performance. This is especially important with plastic
The rinse aid dispenser, located next to the detergent cup,
automatically releases a measured amount of rinse aid during the
last rinse. If spotting and poor drying are problems, increase the
amount of rinse aid dispensed by rotating the dial with a screwdriver
to a higher number. The dial is located under the dispenser cap.
The indicator turns dark when full and clear when it is time to refill
To fill liquid rinse aid:
1. Turn cap 1/4 turn counterclockwise and lift out.
2. Pour in rinse aid until liquid touches the
indicated fill level. Do not overfill since this can
cause oversudsing.
3. Make sure that you close cap firmly.
4. Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth.
The dispenser holds 125ml, which is enough for 35
to 140 washes, depending on setting.

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