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Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual page 12

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Loading The Lower Basket
12 Place Setting Load
The lower basket is designed for plates,
saucers, bowls, and cookware.
• Large items should be placed along the
edge so they do not block the middle spray
arm rotation.
• Make sure tall items do not block middle
spray arm rotation.
• Be sure pan handles do not protrude
through the bottom of the basket and block
the lower spray arm rotation
• Figure on the right shows a normal 12
place setting loaded in accordance with
Australian standard AS/NZS 2007.1.
Fold-down Tines (if applicable)
The fold-down tines in the lower basket make easy loading for
those extra large and hard-to-fit items. The tines may be left up
for normal use or folded down for more flexible loading.
Fold tines down for easy loading of large pots or pans.
Cutlery Basket
Place cutlery in the basket, some up,
some down to get the best wash.
Separate cutlery of different materials,
e.g. stainless steel and silver, into
different compartments.
Load sharp pointed knives with the point
down for safety reasons.
• Before closing the door, please ensure that the lower basket is fully pushed in.
• Details & accessories in basket may differ depending on model and market.

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