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Loading The Upper Basket 9 - Westinghouse 907 series Care & Use Manual

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Loading The Upper Basket
12 Place Setting Load
The upper basket is designed for flexibility
in loading a wide variety of items including
cups, glasses, stemware, small plates,
bowls, etc.
• Load glasses in upper basket.
• Load items with open ends facing down
for better cleaning and draining.
• Be sure nothing protrudes through the
bottom of the basket to block rotation of
middle spray arm.
• Figure on the right shows a normal 12
place setting loaded in accordance with
Australian standard AS/NZS 2007.1.
Utensil Rack (if applicable)
• The utensil rack can be used in the upper
basket to hold spatulas, large spoons
and other large utensils.
• Be sure that items in rack do not prevent
upper spray arm from rotating.
Cup - Wine Glass Racks
• The cup racks may be placed in the up or
down position to add flexibility. The cup
racks can also secure wine glasses at an
angle for best wash ability.
• Because wine glasses come in various
sizes, after loading, slowly push in the
rack to make sure they will clear the top
of the dishwasher.
• Before closing the door, please ensure that the upper basket is fully pushed into the
dishwasher engaging it into the rear water feed connection.
• Details & accessories in basket may differ depending on model and market.

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