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Troubleshooting - Canon XF705 Instruction Manual

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If you have a problem with your camcorder, refer to this section. Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center
if the problem persists.
Power source
The camcorder will not turn on or it turns off by itself.
- The battery pack is exhausted. Replace or charge the battery pack.
- Remove the battery pack and reattach it correctly.
Shortly after turning it on, the camcorder turns off on its own.
- You are using a battery pack that is not compatible for use with this camcorder. Use a recommended battery pack
(A 219).
Cannot charge the battery pack.
- The temperature of the battery pack is outside the charging range. If the battery pack's temperature is below 0 °C
(32 °F), warm it before charging it; if it is above 40 °C (104 °F), let the battery pack cool down before charging it.
- Charge the battery pack in temperatures between 0 °C and 40 °C (32 °F and 104 °F).
- The battery pack is faulty. Replace the battery pack.
The battery pack is exhausted extremely quickly even at normal temperatures.
- Check the [Battery/Hour Meter] status screen (A 201) to check if the battery pack has reached the end of its battery
life. If so, buy a new battery pack.
The camcorder's controls are not responsive/disabled.
- When the KEY LOCK switch is set to
and cannot be operated. Set the KEY LOCK switch to
[$ System Setup] > [Key Lock] setting (A 193).
Pressing the REC button will not start recording.
- The SD card is full or it already contains the maximum number of clips (999 clips). Delete some clips (A 140) or save
your clips (A 151) and initialize the card (A 35) to free some space. Alternatively, replace the card.
- The REC button that was used may be disabled. Change the current settings in the
[Camera Grip REC Button] setting to enable the use of the REC button on the grip.
- The camcorder may be set to a special recording mode. If the special recording mode is no longer necessary, return
[! Recording/Media Setup] > [Recording Mode] to [Normal Recording] to end the special recording
- You may not be able to start or stop recording while controls on the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller are being
operated. Stop using the remote controller and then press the REC button.
The point where the REC button was pressed does not match the beginning/end of the recording.
- There is a slight interval between pressing the REC button and the actual start/end of recording. This is not a
The camcorder will not focus.
- The camcorder may not be able to focus on certain subjects using autofocus. Focus manually (A 74).
- When the AF mode is set to AF-boosted MF, start focusing manually until the AF frame changes to white (automatic
adjustment range).
- The viewfinder is not adjusted. Use the dioptric adjustment lever to make the proper adjustment (A 28).
- The lens is dirty. Clean the lens with a soft lens-cleaning cloth.
When a subject flits across in front of the lens, the image appears slightly bent.
- This is a phenomenon typical of CMOS image sensors. When a subject crosses very quickly in front of the camcorder,
the image may seem slightly warped. This is not a malfunction.
Abnormal images appear on the screen and the camcorder cannot record properly.
- While recording using an almost empty battery pack together with the compact power adapter, the compact power
adapter was inadvertently disconnected or the power supply was suddenly interrupted. Reconnect the compact
power adapter and turn the camcorder off and then on again or replace the battery pack with a fully charged one.
, all buttons (or all buttons with the exception of some REC buttons) are locked
. You can change which controls are locked with the
[$ System Setup] >


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