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After The Installation Of The Product; To Do The Product Settings - Husqvarna 115H Operator's Manual

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Note: Make sure that you can see the ends
of the boundary wire or the guide wire
through the transparent area of the coupler.
Push the button on the coupler with an
adjustable pliers.
3.9 After the installation of the
3.9.1 To do a visual check of the
charging station
Make sure that the indicator LED lamp on
the charging station has a green light.
If the indicator LED lamp does not have a
green light, do a check of the installation.
Indicator lamp in the charging
Refer to
station on page 39 and To install the
charging station on page 18 .
3.9.2 To do the basic settings
Before you start the product for the first time, you
must do the basic settings and calibrate the
Push the ON/OFF button.
Push the arrow buttons and the OK button.
language, country, date, time and set
a PIN code.
Note: It is not possible to use 0000 as PIN
Put the product in the charging station.
Push the START button and close the
3.9.3 Guide calibration
The calibration process sets as wide guide
corridor as possible to reduce the risk of tracks
20 - Installation
forming on the lawn. Refer to
point on page 23 .
Note: The product always runs to the left of the
guide wire (as seen facing the charging station).
If the distance on the left side of the starting point
is less than 0.6 m / 2 ft. the calibration process is
interrupted. For the widest possible guide
corridor, make sure that the distance from the
starting point to the boundary wire is minimum
1.35 m / 4.5 ft. (perpendicular to the guide wire).

3.10 To do the product settings

The product has factory settings but the settings
can be adapted to each work area.
3.10.1 To get access to the menu
Push the STOP button.
Use the up/down arrow buttons and the
OK button to enter the PIN code.
Push the MENU button.
3.10.2 To do the schedule settings Wizard
The wizard is a quick tool to find suitable
schedule settings for your lawn.
Enter your estimated lawn size. It is not
possible to enter a larger lawn size than the
maximum work capacity.
Push the OK button to confirm the lawn size.
By entering your lawn size the wizard
suggests either a suitable daily schedule (go
to step 4) or need input for inactive days.
Choose what day(s) the product should be
inactive. Use the up/down arrow buttons to
shift between days.
To set the starting
982 - 001 - 12.12.2018



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