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Warranty - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R Series User Manual

Cc-link ie field network waterproof/dustproof remote i/o module (with safety functions).
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Please confirm the following product warranty details before using this product.
1. Limited Warranty and Product Support.
a. Mitsubishi Electric Company ("MELCO") warrants that for a period of eighteen (18) months after date of delivery from the point of
manufacture or one year from date of Customer's purchase, whichever is less, Mitsubishi MELSEC Safety programmable logic
controllers (the "Products") will be free from defects in material and workmanship.
b. At MELCO's option, for those Products MELCO determines are not as warranted, MELCO shall either replace them or issue a credit
or return the purchase price paid for them.
c. For this warranty to apply:
(1) Customer shall give MELCO (i) notice of a warranty claim to MELCO and the authorized dealer or distributor from whom the
Products were purchased, (ii) the notice shall describe in reasonable details the warranty problem, (iii) the notice shall be
provided promptly and in no event later than thirty (30) days after the Customer knows or has reason to believe that Products are
not as warranted, and (iv) in any event, the notice must given within the warranty period;
(2) Customer shall cooperate with MELCO and MELCO's representatives in MELCO's investigation of the warranty claim, including
preserving evidence of the claim and its causes, meaningfully responding to MELCO's questions and investigation of the
problem, grant MELCO access to witnesses, personnel, documents, physical evidence and records concerning the warranty
problem, and allow MELCO to examine and test the Products in question offsite or at the premises where they are installed or
used; and
(3) If MELCO requests, Customer shall remove Products it claims are defective and ship them to MELCO or MELCO's authorized
representative for examination and, if found defective, for replacement. The costs of removal, shipment to and from MELCO's
designated examination point, and reinstallation of replaced Products shall be at Customer's expense.
(4) If Customer requests and MELCO agrees to effect Product replacements onsite at any domestic or overseas location, the
Customer will pay for the costs of sending personnel and shipping Products. MELCO is not responsible for any
re-commissioning, maintenance, or testing on-site that involves replacing of the Products.
2. Limits of Warranties.
a. MELCO does not warrant or guarantee the design, specify, manufacture, construction or installation of the materials, construction
criteria, functionality, use, properties or other characteristics of the equipment, systems, or production lines into which the Products
may be incorporated, including any safety, fail-safe and shut down systems using the Products.
b. MELCO is not responsible for determining the suitability of the Products for their intended purpose and use, including determining if
the Products provide appropriate safety margins and redundancies for the applications, equipment or systems into which they are
c. Customer acknowledges that qualified and experienced personnel are required to determine the suitability, application, design,
construction and proper installation and integration of the Products. MELCO does not supply such personnel.
d. MELCO is not responsible for designing and conducting tests to determine that the Product functions appropriately and meets
application standards and requirements as installed or incorporated into the end-user's equipment, production lines or systems.
e. MELCO does not warrant any Product:
(1) altered by Customer;
(2) subjected to negligence, carelessness, accident, misuse, or damage;
(3) improperly stored, handled, installed or maintained;
(4) integrated or used in connection with improperly designed, incompatible or defective hardware or software;
(5) that fails because consumable parts such as batteries, backlights, or fuses were not tested, serviced or replaced;
(6) operated or used with equipment, production lines or systems that do not meet applicable and commensurate legal, safety and
industry-accepted standards;
(7) operated or used in abnormal applications;
(8) installed, operated or used in contravention of instructions, precautions or warnings contained in MELCO's user, instruction
and/or safety manuals, technical bulletins and guidelines for the Products;
(9) used with obsolete technologies or technologies not fully tested and widely accepted and in use at the time of the Product's
(10) subjected to excessive heat or moisture, abnormal voltages, shock, excessive vibration, physical damage or other improper
environment; or
(11) damaged or malfunctioning due to Acts of God, fires, acts of vandals, criminals or terrorists, communication or power failures, or
any other cause or failure that results from circumstances beyond MELCO's control.
f. All Product information and specifications contained on MELCO's website and in catalogs, manuals, or technical information
materials provided by MELCO are subject to change without prior notice.
g. The Product information and statements contained on MELCO's website and in catalogs, manuals, technical bulletins or other
materials provided by MELCO are provided as a guide for Customer's use. They do not constitute warranties and are not
incorporated in the contract of sale for the Products.
h. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Customer and MELCO with respect to warranties, remedies and
damages and supersede any other understandings, whether written or oral, between the parties. Customer expressly acknowledges
that any representations or statements made by MELCO or others concerning the Products outside these terms are not part of the
basis of the bargain between the parties and are not factored into the pricing of the Products.


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