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Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R Series User Manual Page 130

Cc-link ie field network waterproof/dustproof remote i/o module (with safety functions).
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External power supply
• Use a CE-marked product for an external power supply and always ground the FG metal fitting.
• Use a power cable of 10m or shorter when connecting it to the module power supply terminal.
• Use a power cable of 30m or shorter when connecting it to the load power supply.
■Ferrite core
A ferrite core has the effect of reducing radiated noise in the 30MHz to 100MHz band.
It is recommended to attach ferrite cores if shielded cables coming out of the control panel do not provide sufficient shielding
Note that the ferrite cores must be attached at the position closest to the cable hole inside the control panel. If attached at an
improper position, the ferrite core will not produce any effect.
For the FG metal fitting that is connected to the load power supply of a safety remote I/O module and CC-Link IE Field
Network cables, attach a ferrite core 4cm away from the module.
Attaching a ferrite core
■Noise filter (power supply line filter)
A noise filter is a component which has an effect on conducted noise. Attaching the filter can suppress more noise. (The noise
filter has the effect of reducing conducted noise of 10MHz or less.)
Connect a noise filter to the load power supply of a safety remote I/O module. Use a noise filter with the damping
characteristics equivalent to those of MA1206 (manufactured by TDK-Lambda Corporation). Note that a noise filter is not
required if the module is used in Zone A defined in EN61131-2.
The precautions for attaching a noise filter are described below.
• Do not bundle the cables on the input side and output side of the noise filter. If bundled, the output side noise will be
induced into the input side cables from which the noise was filtered.
Input side
(power supply side)
Noise will be induced when the
input and output wires are bundled.
• Ground the noise filter grounding terminal to the control panel with the shortest cable possible (approx. 10cm).
Appendix 5 EMC, Low Voltage, and Machinery Directives
Input side
(power supply side)
Output side
(device side)
Output side
(device side)
Separately install the input and
output wires.


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