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Storing Food; Food Preservation Location - LG LTNC08121V Owner's Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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Storing Food

Food Preservation Location

Each compartment inside the refrigerator is designed to store different types of food.
Store your food in the optimal space to enjoy the freshest taste.
Ice bin
Stores ice.
(on some models)
Adjustable shelves to
meet your individual
storage needs.
Vegetable storage
Preserve vegetables
and fruit.
Do not store food with high moisture content towards the top of the refrigerator. The moisture
could come in direct contact with the cold air and freeze.
Wash food before storing it in the refrigerator. If necessary, rinse and thoroughly pat dry
vegetables and fruit to remove obvious soil, juice, or blemished areas, and wipe down food pack-
aging to prevent adjacent foods from being contaminated.
If the refrigerator is kept in a hot and humid place, frequent opening of the door or storing a lot
of vegetables in the refrigerator may cause condensation to form. Wipe off the condensation with
a clean cloth or a paper towel.
If the refrigerator door or freezer door is opened too often, warm air may penetrate the refrigera-
tor and raise its temperature. This can increase the running costs of the unit.
If you are leaving home for a short period of time, like a short vacation, the refrigerator should be
left on. Refrigerated foods that are able to be frozen will stay preserved longer if stored in the
If you are leaving the refrigerator turned off for an extended period of time, remove all food and
unplug the power cord. Clean the interior, and leave the door open to prevent fungi from growing
in the refrigerator.
Pull-out Tray
(on some models)
Door bins
Store drinks such as
juice and soda, as well
as c o n d i m e n t s , salad
d r e s s i n g a n d o t h e r
food items.



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