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2: Compulsory Functions; 3: Optional Functions; Processing Of Signals And Indicators - Honeywell H-S81-HS Operation Manual

Industrial fire panel
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Notes for the Development of Systems in Compliance with the EN12094-1 Standard
The S81-F3002, S81-F4001, S81-F4002, S81-F4003, S81-F5001, and S81-F5004 modules can be
used in redundant configuration to increase system availability. The maximum number of fire
extinguishing modules in the various configurations must not exceed the values shown in the table

6.2.1 Processing of signals and indicators

The H-S81-HS system receives and shows the signals relating to the different extinguishing zones.
The central unit processes the logics. The information is sent to the display unit. Both compulsory
and optional functions are carried out by the modules as described in Sections 6.2.2 and 6.2.3.
6.2.2 Compulsory Functions
The H-S81-HS system can carry out the following compulsory functions:
Receiving and processing the Sequence Start signal from the detection module
Monitoring of one monitored input line for manually operated equipment
Monitoring and control of output lines for solenoid control
Monitoring and control of output lines for visual/audible alarm devices
Unequivocal visual indication of the various statuses
Control of a fault open collector output
Control of an open collector output and visual indication of the released status
6.2.3 Optional Functions
The H-S81-HS system can carry out the following optional functions:
Control of release delay
Signal representing extinguishing agent flow
Emergency hold
Activation of a secondary flooding sequence
Manual only mode (Aut-Off)
Actuation commands to equipment inside the system
Release signals to reserve cylinders
Actuation commands to equipment outside the system
Emergency shutdown
Activation of alarm devices with different signals
H-S81-HS Installation & Operation Manual — P/N LS10114-000HI-E:A 2/24/2015
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extinguishing modules
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