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Husqvarna W 40P Workshop Manual page 9

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With the engine stopped and on a level surface, remove
the fuel tank cap and check the fuel level. Refill the tank
if the fuel level is low.
Figure 14
Add the fuel in a well-ventilated area before starting the
engine. If the engine has been running, allow it to cool.
Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. Do not fill the fuel
tank completely. Fill tank to approximately 1 inch
(25 mm) below (L) the top of the fuel tank (J) to allow
for fuel expansion. If may be necessary to lower the fuel
level depending on operating conditions. After refueling,
tighten the fuel tank cap securely.
Never refuel the engine inside a building where gasoline
fumes may reach flames or sparks. Keep gasoline away
from appliance pilot lights, barbecues, electric appli-
ances, power tools, etc.
Spilled fuel is not only a fire hazard, it causes environ-
mental damage. Wipe up spills immediately.
Note: Fuel can damage paint and plastic. Be careful
not to spill fuel when filling your fuel tank. Damage
caused by spilled fuel is not covered under warranty.
Fuel recommendations
This engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline
with a pump octane rating of 90 or higher.
Never use stale or contaminated gasoline or an oil gaso-
line mixture. Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank.
3.2.6 To examine the oil level
Examine the level of the engine oil when the engine is
stopped and in a level position.
1. Remove the oil filler cap dipstick (M) and wipe it
2. lnsert and remove the dipstick without screwing it
into the filler neck. Check the oil level shown on the
3. lf the oil level is low, fill to the edge of the oil filler
Prepare and do servicing on the product
hole with the recommended oil .
4. Screw in the oil filler cap dipstick (M) securely.
Figure 15
O. Upper limit
N. Lower limit
Note: Running the engine with a low oil level can
cause engine damage.
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