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Husqvarna W 40P Workshop Manual page 20

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Repair instructions
5.9 Spark plug
5.9.1 To disassemble the Spark plug
1. Remove any dirt from the sparkplug area.
2. Disconnect the spark plug cap.
3. Remove the spark plug with a spark plug wrench.
Figure 1
5.9.2 To clean and examine the Spark plug
1. Examine the spark plug. Replace it if the electrodes
are worn, or if the insulator is cracked or chipped.
2. Measure the electrode gap of the spark plug with a
wire-type feeler gauge. Correct the gap, if it is nec-
essary, by carefully bending the side electrode. The
gap should be: 0.70-0.80mm (0.028-0.031 in)
Figure 2
5.9.3 To assemble the Spark plug
Install the sparkplug carefully, by hand, to avoid cross
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5.9.4 To examine the ignition spark
1. Remove the spark plug and clean it from soot
deposits with the help of a steel brush. Check the
electrode gap. Adjust the gap as needed to the cor-
rect value with the side electrode. If the electrodes
are worn more than 50% the spark plug should be
changed. Too large a spark gap entails a great deal
of stress on the ignition module and risk for short-
2. Put the spark plug in the spark plug cap.
3. Earth the spark plug on the cylinder and pull sharply
on the start handle. A spark should be seen be-
tween the electrodes.
Figure 3


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