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Husqvarna W 40P Workshop Manual page 13

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5.3 Air filter
5.3.1 To disassemble the Air filter
Figure 1
1. Remove the screw (A) and remove the air filter plate
2. Remove the air filter (C). If the air filter is dirty, clean
the air filter. Replace the air filter if it is damaged.
Figure 2
Note: Operating the engine without an air filter, or with
a damaged air filter, will allow dirt to enter the engine,
causing rapid engine wear
5.3.2 To clean and examine the Air filter
A dirty air filter will restrict air flow to the carburetor,
reducing engine performance.
1. Clean the air filter in warm soapy water, rinse, and
allow to dry thoroughly. Or clean in nonflammable
solvent and allow to dry.
2. Dip the air filter in clean engine oil, and then
squeeze out all excess oil. The engine will smoke
when started if too much oil is left in the foam.
3. Wipe dirt from the air cleaner base and cover, using
a moist rag. Be careful to prevent dirt from entering
the air duct that leads to the carburetor.
5.3.3 To assemble the Air filter
1. Place the air filter in the air filter cover.
2. Place the air filter plate over the air filter.
3. Tighten the screw.
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