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Cleaning; Removing Dust Deposits; Cleaning Aluminum Parts - Siemens SINAMICS SM120 Operating Instructions Manual

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Removing dust deposits

Remove dust deposits at least once per year. You can use an ESD brush or an ESD vacuum
cleaner. The ventilation openings in the cabinet must never be obstructed.
Cleaning fiber-optic cables and electronic components with a damp rag
Fiber-optic cables, fiber-optic cable bundles and electronic components can be damaged if
cleaned using a damp rag.
If the components are very dusty, remove the dust using a dry, lint-free cloth. In so doing, do
not bend the fiber-optic cables.
Use a dry, clean, lint-free ESD cleaning cloth. Wipe all external parts of the rack with it. Make
sure that the dirt is not distributed, but actually removed by constant changes of the wiping
surface of the cloth. For severe pollution, use a cleaning cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol, but not
to the extent that the alcohol drips.

Cleaning aluminum parts

The surface of untreated aluminum is always covered by a thin but dense oxide skin. The
affinity of aluminum to oxygen is sufficiently strong that if the oxide skin is scratched, the metal
reacts immediately with oxygen in the air. This forms a new oxide skin. This natural oxide layer
acts as surface protection and is the reason for the good weathering resistance of aluminum
materials. In most cases, this means that additional protective measures are superfluous.
Remove particularly greasy deposits with ethyl alcohol. If there are other heavily polluted areas,
use ESD-compliant fiber or plastic brushes to clean them.
Unsuitable cleaning chemicals for aluminum
Any strongly alkaline chemicals such as caustic potash or soda as well as acids corrode the
aluminum and roughen the surface. The agents often recommended for cleaning glass also
exhibit this effect and must therefore not be used on aluminum.
Only use cleaning agents that are suitable for aluminum.
Operating Instructions 07/2015
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