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Device Settings - Samsung KINO KIT VG-SWD1000 User Manual

Wireless pc mirroring adapter
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The recommended clearance may differ with obstacles (e.g., human
body, metal objects or walls) or an electromagnetic environment. To
ensure stable functioning, keeping the device in the same location is
Using Wireless PC Mirroring (or KINO TV)*
Wireless PC Mirroring starts when a power supply is connected to the
VG-SWD1000 or the button on the device is pressed.
• To start Wireless PC Mirroring
1. Turn on the Samsung TV you want to connect to the VG-SWD1000.
2. Connect the VG-SWD1000 to the HDMI port on the laptop. Next,
connect the USB cable that came with the package to the USB
ports on the VG-SWD1000 and laptop. The blue LED will light up
once the power supply is connected.
3. As soon as the power supply is connected, the VG-SWD1000
automatically establishes a connection with the TV. The blue
LED flashes at this point. A connection confirmation will appear
on the TV screen after a brief moment (the devices will connect
automatically without a confirmation for the second connection).
4. Select "Allow" on the TV. The TV loads data, then displays the
laptop screen. The blue LED will light up on the VG-SWD1000.
* Wireless PC Mirroring / KINO TV / KINO KIT use same technology,
and naming may vary by region.
[VG-SWD1000-CIS-IB]Rev1.2L04.indb 2
• To restart Wireless PC Mirroring
1. You may wish to switch to TV view mode or turn off the TV and then on
again when Wireless PC Mirroring is running, then restart the function.
2. To restart the function, briefly press the button on the back of the
VG-SWD1000. The device will reconnect to the TV and Wireless
PC Mirroring will start.
• If the device cannot connect to a TV
1. Press Source → Select on the remote control to set the input
source to "Screen Mirroring" on the TV. Next, run Wireless PC
Mirroring from VG-SWD1000.
2. Alternatively, select Menu → Network → Device Name on the
TV to check the device name of the TV (e.g., "[TV] UE48J5500").
Next, enter "[TV] UE48J5500" in the system setup window on the
VG-SWD1000. VG-SWD1000 will only connect to the specified TV.
To connect the device to another TV, deselect the current TV or
change it to another TV on the VG-SWD1000.

Device Settings

To configure the settings for VG-SWD1000, first switch to settings
mode and establish a wireless connection with the laptop.
Available setting items include product information, channel selection,
TV selection, search information, firmware update and initialization.
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