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Samsung EAD-P010 Manual page 10

Mobile pen
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Pairing and Connecting the Mobile Pen
Download the Mobile Connector application from Samsung
Apps to pair and calibrate the Mobile Pen and configure it for
use with other applications.
Entering Pairing mode
With the receiver turned on, press and hold the function
button on your receiver for 3 seconds until the status
indicator turns blue to enter Pairing mode.
Pairing and Connecting
Activate the Bluetooth feature on your tablet and launch
the Mobile Connector application.
In Pairing mode, select
Devices search to search for SAMSUNG Mobile Pen in
order to pair with your tablet.
In Pairing mode, two devices should be placed close
Select SAMSUNG Mobile Pen from the list of devices. If
they are successfully connected, the status indicator will
flash in every 6 seconds of interval after rapidly flashing
three times.
You can also check pairing states in the Bluetooth
settings on your tablet. Once pairing is completed, the
receiver will attempt to reconnect each time you turn
it on.
Device list and then select