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Suggestions On Food Storage - LG GL-252 Owner's Manual

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Suggestions on Food Storage

When storing the food, cover it with vinyl wrap or store in a container
with a lid. This prevents moisture from evaporating and helps food to
keep its taste and nutrients.
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Don't keep hot milk or hot food in your refrigerator. This will result
in an increased temperature and increase in power consumption.
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Never overload your refrigerator or cover the shelves with paper or
plastic sheets as it will reduce its efficiency.
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Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door lets warm air enter the refrigerator,
and cause temperature to rise.
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Close the door properly, make sure that there is no gap between the gasket and
the cabinet of your LG refrigerator.
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Wipe excessive moisture on food or place it inside containers or plastic bags.
This will help in retaining its freshness for a longer period of time.
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Do not store food which goes bad easily at low temperatures. Such as bananas,
pineapples, etc.
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Do not store glass bottles in the freezer compartment - they may break when frozen.
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