General Safety Information - Acer AM100 User Manual

Air monitor
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General safety information

Never inject gases, pollutants, or blow smoke/fumes directly towards the device. Exposure to an excess of
pollutants may permanently damage the sensors.
Never use the Air Monitor...
- Under conditions of extreme temperature or humidity
- Outdoors
- Near potted plants
- In a dusty environment, such as a building with ongoing renovations
- Close to silicone-based glue or any product releasing silicone fumes
Never place the Air Monitor...
- Near heat or flames
- In/under/next to liquids
- With anything on top of it or covering it
- Inside a closet or drawer
Misuse can cause burns, fire, electrocution, and other hazards.
Never clean the Air Monitor with the following:
- Water or spray
- A feather duster
- A vacuum cleaner
Do not open the device or make modifications to it as it will void the warranty.
Do not use the device if it has any damage or isn't working properly.
Do not plug/unplug the device frequently.
Use only accredited accessories.
Unplug the device when unused for long periods of time.
Do not block any ventilation openings.



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