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First off...
Congratulations on your purchase of Acer Air Monitor. It is a first, positive step in helping you improve the air you
breathe and your quality of life. This simple device monitors the air quality within its immediate surroundings.
The Air Monitor allows you to monitor six critical indicators of indoor air quality. These are:
Temperature - This metric directly relates to comfort and mood.
Humidity - Moisture leads to colds, flus, and risk of toxic mold formations.
VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds are toxic chemicals that can cause skin and respiratory irritation.
Particulates - PM2.5/PM10 (fine/coarse particulate matter) travels deep into our respiratory system and can
trigger asthma, allergies and other related health problems.
CO2 - Carbon dioxide content in the fresh air is typically measured around 400 PPM (Parts Per Million),
depending on the location. People in a high CO2 environment will feel drowsy, dizzy, have headaches, and
experience hearing and visual dysfunction. It may also cause unresponsiveness and decision delay.
The CO2 value of AM100 is a CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) value, derived from the TVOC measurement and
represent as CO2 equivalent value or CO2eq. However, the updated AM110 model is equipped with a CO2
sensor and does not use this equivalent value.
Note: According to experimental studies, in regards to general indoor living environments, CO2 and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic
Compounds) concentrations have a positive correlation, and can accurately represent the indoor air pollution index. Thus, the AM100
model derives its CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) value from its TVOC measurement.
To verify your Air Monitor model, please check the label located on the back of the Air Monitor. The user manual is
based on the latest Air Monitor firmware and App version; please follow the user manual to operate it.
Through visual indicators on the device, as well as more detailed information on the app, the Acer Air Monitor
helps track and gives advice on how to improve the air quality, your health, and the health of the ones you care



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