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Device Center - Acer AM100 User Manual

Air monitor
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Device Center

To access the Device Center, tap the menu icon, then tap Device Center to view a list of all the connected Air
You may tap a specific Air Monitor if you wish to view more information or modify settings.
This screen shows the following information:
Connection Status
Acer Air Monitor
Remote monitor
Device Settings
Manual Lighting
Sleep Mode
Bad Air Quality Alert
Broadcast URL
About device
Model number
Upgrade firmware
Displays the MAC address and the connection status.
Sets a name for the device.
Unbinds (disassociates) this device from the app and your Acer
account. The product will be removed from the device list.
The Wi-Fi settings and Bluetooth settings will be cleared.
Sets the Wi-Fi connection and binds this device with the app and your
Acer account.
Manually set the intensity of the breathing LED light to high, low, or
There are two ways sleep mode will automatically turn the breathing
LED light on or off:
1. By having preset the device's sleep and wake-up time, or
2. By detecting the environmental brightness in the room. When the
brightness level is darker than your light sensor setting, the breathing
LED light will be turned off automatically.
There are 10 levels for the light sensor setting, with the 1
the darkest threshold, and the 10
Sets an alarm that sounds when a specified air quality level (e.g.
unhealthy or very unhealthy) is reached.
Sets the map location of the device.
Broadcast customized content (using Eddystone format as a beacon).
You can give a specific URL to broadcast as a beacon.
1. Please make sure your Air Monitor is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
The Broadcasted URL will be usable for 30 minutes.
2. The device air quality option and group air quality option are only
available for Business solution.
Show model name of device.
Checks for and updates the firmware of the device.
Note: Device firmware upgrade also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
firmware upgrade.
Please make sure the Air Monitor is connected to both Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth. The breathing LED light will turn red during the firmware
update process. When it is complete, you will hear a beep. It will take
about 2 minutes for the Wi-Fi firmware to update through the Wi-Fi
connection. It will take 10 or more minutes for firmware updates to be
done with the Bluetooth connection.
level being the brightest.
level being



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