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Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual Page 81

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Using AED Mode to Defibrillate
ECG cannot be analyzed - If artifact interferes with analysis, the Efficia DFM100 alerts you and
attempts to continue analyzing. If artifact persists and device announces that the ECG can't be
analyzed, it enters a pause period.
While paused, analysis is suspended. Check that the pads are making proper contact with the
patient's skin and minimize movement. Analysis resumes automatically in 30 seconds or when
you press the
determine if a rhythm is shockable.
For more information on AED messages, see
Step 3 - Press Shock Button if Prompted
Once charging is complete, the Efficia DFM100 prompts you with "
no one is touching the patient or anything connected to the patient. Call out clearly and loudly
"Stay Clear!' Then press the flashing orange Shock button to deliver a shock to the patient.
WARNINGS: The Shock button must be pressed to deliver a shock. The Efficia DFM100 does not automatically
deliver a shock.
Defibrillation current can cause operator or bystander injury. Do not touch the patient or
equipment connected to the patient during defibrillation.
Delivery of the shock is confirmed by an
shock counter is updated to reflect the number of shocks given. The defibrillator then announces
Begin CPR
defined by the Voice Prompt configuration choice. Analysis begins again at the end of the pause
period or when you press the
during the CPR Pause period, the device continues the CPR period. If you switch to Monitor or
Pacer modes, the CPR Pause period exits.
NOTES: Once prompted to administer the shock, if you do not do so within the configured Auto Disarm
time interval, the Efficia DFM100 disarms itself and enters a pause period for CPR. The device
resumes analyzing at the end of the pause period or when you press the
Rhythm monitoring is intended to provide a backup or secondary measure of potentially shockable
rhythms in various environments but is not a substitute for being attentive to the patient's state.
- Pause Time - Analysis is suspended for the specific period which is defined by the NSA
Action configuration choice. You may attend to the patient and administer CPR if
indicated. The Pause Status Bar is displayed (see
end of the pause period, the Efficia DFM100 resumes analyzing.
" and enters the configured CPR Timer period. Prompts may be brief or detailed as
"AED View Layout"
soft key. You should always use the analyze function to
"AED Mode User Messages"
soft key. If you switch to Manual Defibrillation
5: AED Mode Option
on page 65). At the
on page 70.
" Make sure
Deliver shock now.
visual message and the
soft key.


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