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Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual Page 45

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The Display
The ECG filter setting for the display are:
- Monitor Bandwidth
- EMS Monitor Bandwidth
- ST Monitor Bandwidth
ECG filter settings can be changed in Configuration Mode. See
NOTES: In synchronized cardioversion mode, the R-Wave arrows indicate which R-Waves a shock would be
triggered on if the shock button is pressed.
In Demand Mode Pacing, the time until the next delivered external pace pulse is from the previous
pace pulse or the R-Wave arrow, whichever is the most recent. R-Waves immediately after the an
external pace pulse are not marked because they are likely caused by the pace pulse.
The displayed heart rate is determined by the arrhythmia analysis which is independent from
R-Wave arrows for synchronized cardioversion or for Demand Mode pacing.
Wave Sectors 2 and 3
Wave Sectors 2 and 3 are automatically populated when the parameter source's cable is connected to
the Efficia DFM100. If the parameter source is the configured choice of a particular wave sector, it is
displayed in that wave sector when available. Available waveforms include: Paddles, Pads, I, II, III,
aVR, aVL, aVF, V, Pleth, Capnogram, and a Cascade Wave from Wave Sector 1. If you select an
ECG wave for sectors 2 or 3, the ECG filter setting is also displayed (except in cascade and
annotated ECGs).
You can also select an annotated ECG for Wave Sector 2. See
page 56.
Changing Displayed Waveforms
Wave Sector 1 has a dedicated Lead Select button
to change the displayed lead/source. Waveforms displayed in the other sectors are changed for the
current event using the Smart Select knob. See
Soft Key Labels
The four soft key labels correspond to the soft key buttons located immediately below. See
These labels change, as appropriate, according to the current display view and function. Soft key
labels appearing as gray text indicate the soft key is inactive.
Figure 32
on page 150.
Waveform and Display Soft Keys Area
3: Operating the Device
Table 33 "Heart Rate/ECG
"Displaying an Annotated ECG"
"General Function Buttons"
on page 34.
on page 25)


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