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Message Area; Waveform And Display Soft Keys Area - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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3: Operating the Device

Message Area

The message area displays key messages during an event. The type of message shown varies according
to the current mode.
Figure 30

Waveform and Display Soft Keys Area

The Efficia DFM100 is configured to populate each of its three wave sectors with a preconfigured
waveform when powered on in Monitor, Manual Defibrillation (two wave sectors only), Pacing
Mode (two wave sectors only) and AED (one wave sector). A dashed line in an ECG wave sector
indicates that the waveform source is invalid. Wave sectors may contain a variety of information as
appropriate to the parameter, view and task currently being performed.
You can display one, two or three waveforms at one time on the display depending on which mode
the Efficia DFM100 is currently in and how you have your device configured. The area also displays
other key information including the number of shocks delivered and the selected energy.
Wave Sector 1
Wave Sector 1 contains only an ECG waveform. This waveform is used by the arrhythmia, heart rate
derivation and AED analysis algorithms. Available waveforms include: Paddles (unavailable in AED
Mode), Pads, I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF and V.
Wave Sector 1 also contains the ECG Calibration Bar, the Auto-Gain Indicator, Rhythm Label,
ECG filter setting and R-Wave arrows. The Calibration Bar is used as a reference point to compare
the actual ECG wave displayed to the selected size. The Auto-Gain Indicator is displayed when
auto-scaling is active. R-Wave arrows appear when the device is in Sync Mode, Monitor Mode or
Demand Mode Pacing.
Figure 31
ECG Filter
After the ECG analysis algorithm analyzes the waveform in Wave Sector 1, if the DFM100 is
configured to display the rhythm, the waveform is labeled (in all clinical modes except AED).
Possible labels include:
If the Rhythm Label is configured off, the device only displays Learning ECG and Learning Rhythm
labels. For more on configuring the label, see
Message Area
Wave Sector 1 Markings
Table 33 "Heart Rate/ECG Settings"
The Display
R-Wave Arrows
Rhythm Label
on page 150.


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