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Ready For Use Indicator; Power - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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3: Operating the Device

Ready For Use Indicator

The Ready For Use (RFU) Indicator is located in the upper right section on the front of the device.
It indicates the status of the therapy delivery functions using the following conventions:
Blinking Hourglass
Blinking red "X" with
periodic audio chirp
Blinking red "X"
without periodic
audio chirp
Solid red "X" with
periodic audio chirp
Solid red "X" without
periodic audio chirp


The Efficia DFM100 is powered by a Lithium Ion battery or AC power. The battery should always
be installed so the device is ready for use whether or not AC power is available at the point of care. A
pacing, AC power should be connected if possible to prevent the battery from eventually becoming
depleted and interrupting the pacing operation.
The Efficia DFM100 can also be powered through a DC power converter which takes DC power
and converts it to AC to power the device. When using this converter, the device is fully operational.
Keep your battery charged at all times. For more information on your battery see
page 29, and
WARNING: To avoid the risk of electric shock, the Efficia DFM100 must be plugged into a hospital-grade outlet
with protective ground. To remove AC power, disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
NOTES: If AC power is used as the only power source during defibrillation (for instance when no battery is
installed or when the battery is fully discharged), the Efficia DFM100 may take longer to charge to
the desired energy level, and, in the event of power loss longer than 30 seconds, all settings reset to
configured settings and a new event is created when power is returned. However, all saved data
remains intact (up to the device's memory capacity) and can be found by retrieving the previous
event. Keep your battery installed and charged.
If you question the AC power cord's functionality, disconnect it from the device and operate on
battery power. Replace the cord before reconnecting to AC power.
For information on power-related alarms see
message is displayed when AC power is removed and a battery is installed. When
"Battery Maintenance"
on page 174.
Indicates the shock, pacing and ECG functions of the device
are ready for use. Sufficient battery power is available for
device operation.
Indicates either:
A low battery condition exists and the battery is not
There is no battery installed and the device is running
on AC power only.
Indicates a low battery power condition but the battery is
currently charging. The device can be used but its
battery-only operation time is limited.
Indicates a critical failure has been detected that may prevent
the delivery of defibrillation therapy, pacing or ECG
Indicates no power available or the device cannot power on.
If, after power is returned, the indicator reverts to the
blinking black hourglass symbol, the device is ready for use.
"Power-Related Alarms"
Ready For Use Indicator
"The Display"
on page 176.


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