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Smart Select Knob; General Function Buttons; Soft Keys - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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Smart Select Knob

The Smart Select knob (see
wheel. You can:
Press the knob - If there is not a menu on the display, the Main Menu is displayed. If there is a menu
on the screen, then the highlighted entry is selected.
Twist the knob - Turn the Smart Select knob clockwise to scroll down a menu's list or counter
clockwise to scroll up the list. The scroll skips over any unavailable entries in the menu. If you have a
numeric selection window open, turning the knob clockwise increases the numerical value; counter
clockwise decreases the value.

General Function Buttons

The General Function buttons control monitoring or non-critical resuscitation activity. See
Lead Select
Patient Category
Mark Event

Soft Keys

The soft keys perform the function displayed directly above it on the display. The display and
function change for the various modes of operation. Functionality of the soft keys are described in
their appropriate chapters throughout these Instructions for Use.
Figure 1 "Efficia DFM100"
on page 6 for the location of the buttons and below for their definitions.
Changes the ECG lead in Wave Sector 1. Pressing this button cycles
through the available ECG waves, changing the displayed wave and
label. The list of available ECG waves is based on the connected
lead set and your device configuration, including pads, if the
corresponding cable is connected. See
Allows you to quickly change the patient category from adult (≥
25kg or ≥ 8 years old) to infant/child (<25kg or < 8 years old) and
back again.
When pressed, the Alarms button pauses all audible physiological
and technical alarms for the configured time interval. At the end of
the pause interval, each alarm returns to its previous setting.
Pressing the Alarms button during the pause interval returns the
alarms to their previous setting. When in AED Mode, pressing the
Alarms button activates alarms. See
The Mark Event button allows you to insert a time-stamped
annotation in the Event Summary Report to note events as they
occur, including the administration of certain drugs. See
When pressed, the Reports button will bring up the Reports Menu.
From the Reports Menu, you can print an Event Summary or
Trends Report.
The Print button begins a continuous printout of the primary ECG
and other selected waveforms either real time or with a 10-second
delay, depending upon your configuration. Pressing the Print
button while printing is in progress stops the printing. See
on page 6) is the Efficia DFM100's steering
on page 43.
"Printing Data"
on page 143.
3: Operating the Device
"Lead Selection"
on page 51.
on page 36.
on page 143.


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