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Controls; Therapy Knob And Controls - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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3: Operating the Device


Operating controls are organized by function with the defibrillation controls to the right of the
display, soft keys under the display, general function buttons under the soft keys and to the left of the

Therapy Knob and Controls

The Efficia DFM100 Therapy knob is customized for the options included in your device. If you
have the Pacing and/or the AED Option, those positions are included on the knob. The knob
enables AED Mode, Pacing Mode, Monitor Mode or selects an energy for Manual Defibrillation
Mode to deliver defibrillation or cardioversion.
Regardless of the options, the knob and controls function the same:
Turning the Efficia DFM100 on – Turn the Therapy knob to the right for Monitor Mode, Manual
Defibrillation or Pacing; turn to the left for AED Mode.
Charge button – Charges the defibrillator to the selected Manual Defibrillation energy setting. It is
used only in Manual Defibrillation Mode. The defibrillator charges automatically in AED Mode.
Shock button – Delivers a shock through multifunction electrode pads or switchless internal
paddles. In Manual Defibrillation Mode, the shock is delivered at the selected energy. In AED
Mode, if the patient category is Adult, you have the ability to pre-configure the energy delivered.
The factory default is 150J. If the patient category is Infant/Child, 50J is delivered. The button
flashes when charged.
NOTE: When external paddles or switched internal paddles (internal paddles that have Shock buttons, as
opposed to switchless internal paddles where you administer the shock by pressing the Shock button
on the device) are used, the Efficia DFM100 delivers a shock by pressing the Shock button(s) located
on the paddles.
Sync button – Toggles between synchronized energy delivery used during cardioversion and
asynchronous energy delivery used during defibrillation. The Sync button lights blue when Sync is
Figure 24
Therapy Controls
Therapy knob
Sync button
Charge button
Shock button


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