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Additional Features - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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Basic Orientation

Additional Features

The additional features of the Efficia DFM100 may include:
Therapy Cable Collar
Cable Straps
Carry Bags
Therapy Cable Collar
When the Efficia DFM100 is used in transport or high-vibration environments, Philips strongly
suggests the device be fitted with the Therapy Cable Collar before being placed into service. The
collar adds an extra level of security to prevent excessive wear and vibration with the Therapy port.
For Efficia DFM100 EMS devices, the Therapy Cable Collar base comes installed from the factory.
To connect the Therapy Cable and install the Collar Lid:
With the base already installed, plug the Therapy Cable into the green connector port.
Slide the feet of the Collar Lid into the grooves on the Collar base and push the top of the Lid
into place. See
Grab the Locking Key and push in while turning clockwise until the Key locks into place.
To remove the cover, lift up on the lid latch and turn counter clockwise. After the Key unlocks,
lift the lid out of place. You can also use a flat-head screwdriver to engage and disengage the
Figure 22
WARNINGS: If you use the Efficia DFM100 in a transport or high-vibration environment without the Therapy
Cable fully installed, your device is susceptible to premature Therapy port and cable wear and
potential failure which may result in a delay in therapy.
Do not leave the Therapy collar base installed without the lid in place. The exposed metal pole could
get caught on cables or users' clothing and potentially cause injury.
Cable Straps
To aid with cable management, straps can be snapped on to the side of the Efficia DFM100 in the
predefined snap locations or they can be attached to the side carry bags.
Locking the Collar Lid into Place
2: Device Basics


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