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Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual Page 28

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2: Device Basics
ECG Out Cable
Also referred to as a Sync Cable, the Philips ECG Out Cable is used to establish a connection
between the Efficia DFM100 and a bedside monitor to send ECG signals between the two devices.
The cable sends one analog ECG waveform from the sending device to the receiving device.
To connect the ECG Out Cable:
Plug the phono plug into the ECG Out Port on the device you want to send the ECG from -
now known as the primary device.
Plug the Pin Connector into the white ECG In Port on the receiving device - now known as the
secondary device.
The ECG waveform from the primary device appears as Lead II on secondary device's display.
Figure 19
WARNINGS: If you use an external monitor as the ECG source during synchronized cardioversion, a biomedical
technician MUST verify that the combination of the external monitor and the Efficia DFM100 can
deliver a synchronized shock within 60 ms of the peak of the R-wave. Use a 1 mV QRS complex
with a QRS width of 40 ms. This performance cannot be guaranteed with all commercially available
When Pacing in Demand Mode, the ECG cable must be directly connected from the patient to the
Efficia DFM100.
NOTES: Lead II is the only lead selection on the secondary device that accurately displays the waveform sent
from the primary device. The secondary device lead selection should remain on Lead II. To avoid
confusion, the primary device lead selection should also be set to Lead II, if clinically possible.
If you are using the ECG Out Cable to send an ECG signal from the Efficia DFM100 to a bedside
monitor, the ECG signal and alarms on the Efficia DFM100 should be considered primary. The
bedside monitor ECG is ancillary/secondary.
If the device is pacing or if it detects internal pacemaker pulses, the ECG Out waveform includes
pace pulse markers at the appropriate points.
Do not use a Philips SureSigns monitor connected to the Efficia DFM100. The devices are not
Connecting ECG Out Cable
Primary Device
Phono Plug
ECG Out Port
ECG In Port
Pin Connector
Basic Orientation
Secondary Device


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