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Cleaning Instructions; Defibrillator/monitor, Paddles, Cables And Battery - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions
Listed below are the recommended cleaning instructions for the Efficia DFM100 and its associated
CAUTIONS: The Efficia DFM100, along with its accessories and supplies, may not be autoclaved, steam
sterilized, ultrasonically cleaned or immersed unless otherwise indicated in the Instructions for Use
that accompany the accessory or supply.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or strong solvents such as acetone or acetone-based compounds.
Do not clean electrical contacts or connectors with bleach.
A soft cloth is recommended for cleaning the display window to prevent scratching.
Quaternary ammonium compounds such as Steris Coverage Plus NPD are not recommended for
routine cleaning.
Disinfect the Efficia DFM100 as determined by your institution's policy to avoid damage to the

Defibrillator/Monitor, Paddles, Cables and Battery

You can clean the exterior of the Efficia DFM100, external paddles, therapy cables, ECG cables and
battery by hand wiping with a clean cloth. Remove all soil (tissue, fluid, etc.) and wipe thoroughly
with a water-dampened cloth before applying one of the following cleaning products:
Isopropyl alcohol (70% solution in water)
Mild detergent and water
Chlorine bleach (containing 6% sodium hypochlorite), 3% solution in water
Cleaning solutions/wipes with milder Isopropyl alcohol and chlorine bleach concentrations
CAUTIONS: When cleaning, do not immerse. Wring any excess moisture from the cloth before cleaning and be
sure to avoid pouring fluids on the device. Do not allow fluids to penetrate the exterior surfaces of
the device.
No parts of the device (except sterilizable internal paddles) may be ultrasonically cleaned, immersed,
autoclaved or ETO sterilized.
The ECG cables may not be ultrasonically cleaned, immersed, autoclaved or steam sterilized.
NOTE: For information about cleaning and sterilizing internal sterilizable paddles, see the Sterilizable
Defibrillator Paddles Instructions For Use.
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