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Storing Batteries; Discarding Batteries; General Battery Safety - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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Battery Maintenance

Storing Batteries

Batteries should be rotated regularly to ensure even usage. When storing batteries, make sure the
battery terminals do not come in contact with metallic objects.
If storing batteries for an extended period of time, it is recommended they are stored between -20°C
to +35°C (≤ 3 months) or -20°C to +20°C (≤1 year). Storing batteries at a higher temperature
significantly reduces the battery's life expectancy. Stored batteries should be charged every 2 months
to 20-40% of their full capacity. They should be charged to full capacity before being put into use.
CAUTION: Storing batteries in the Efficia DFM100, if the device is out of service for an extended period of
time, drains the battery.

Discarding Batteries

Batteries should be discarded if there are visual signs of damage. They should be discarded in an
environmentally safe manner.
WARNINGS: Properly dispose of or recycle batteries according to local regulations. Do not puncture, disassemble
or incinerate batteries.
Be careful not to short the battery terminals because this could result in a fire hazard.

General Battery Safety

The following general warnings and cautions apply to the Efficia DFM100 battery. Additional
warnings and cautions specific to a particular battery feature are provided in the appropriate sections.
WARNINGS: Built-in safety circuits cannot protect against handling abuse. Adhere to all warnings and cautions in
handling and using Lithium Ion batteries.
Keep batteries away from flame and other heat sources. Do not incinerate.
Do not short circuit or reverse polarity of the battery. Avoid placing batteries around metal objects
that may short circuit the battery. Do not directly connect the negative and positive terminals.
Avoid getting batteries wet or using batteries in high humidity environments.
Do not puncture, crush, dent, drop, physically shock or allow any deformation of the batteries.
Do not disassemble or open batteries. Do not attempt to alter or bypass the safety circuit.
Use only in the Efficia DFM100 and charge only in the specified battery charger. Do not charge near
a heater or in hot sunlight.
Do not connect the battery to any plug socket or to any other equipment.
CAUTIONS: Use caution when handling, using and testing batteries. Do not touch a leaking battery. Do not
short circuit, crush, drop, mutilate, puncture, apply reverse polarity, expose to high temperatures or
disassemble. Misuse or abuse could cause physical injury.
Do not drop or subject to strong physical shock.
Do not store your device for prolonged periods with the battery in.
Do not expose batteries to temperatures below -20°C (-4 °F) or greater than 50 °C (122 °F). Excess
temperatures may result in battery damage.
Wash skin with large amounts of water in the event of electrolyte leakage to prevent skin irritation
and inflammation.
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