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Measuring Nbp - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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11: Monitoring NBP

Measuring NBP

The first time an NBP measurement is taken, the cuff 's initial inflation pressure is 160 mmHg/21.3
kPa for adults and 120 mmHg/16 kPa for infant/child. The device aborts a measurement, deflates
the cuff and generates an alarm before the inflation pressure exceeds 290 mmHg/38.6 kPa.
NOTE: For pediatric and adult patient populations, blood pressure measurements made with the Philips
Goldway NBP Module are equivalent to those obtained by trained observers using the
cuff/stethoscope auscultatory method within limits prescribed by ANSI/AAMI SP10: 1992 &
2002/YY 0670-2008 (mean error difference of ±5 mmHg or less, standard deviation of 8 mmHg or
To measure NBP:
Select the appropriately sized cuff for the patient. The cuff width should be either 40% of the
limb circumference or 2/3 of the upper arm length. The inflatable part of the cuff should be
long enough to encircle 50-80% of the limb.
NOTE: Selecting the right cuff size for the patient is important. The wrong cuff size may give false and
misleading results. If you do not have the correct cuff size, use a larger one to minimize error.
Attach the cuff to the NBP tubing, making sure that air can pass through the tubing and the
tubing is not squeezed or kinked. See
Figure 63
NOTE: Securely attach the cuff and tubing to prevent accidental disconnections.
Insert the NBP tubing into the NBP port as described in
page 11.
Apply the blood pressure cuff to the patient's arm or leg as follows:
Connecting the NBP Cuff/Tubing
Ensure that the cuff is completely deflated.
Wrap the cuff around the arm, making sure that the artery marker is aligned over the
brachial artery. Ensure that:
The cuff is not placed on the same extremity as an SpO
The cuff is not wrapped too tightly around the limb. Excessive tightness may cause
discoloration and eventual ischemia of the extremities.
The NBP tubing from the defibrillator to the cuff is not compressed, crimped or
The edge of the cuff falls within the range identified by the <----> markings. If it does
not, use a cuff that fits better.
"Connecting the NBP Cable"
Measuring NBP


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