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Code View And Cardioversion; Delivering A Synchronized Shock - Philips Efficia DFM100 Instructions For Use Manual

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7: Synchronized Cardioversion

Code View and Cardioversion

When Synchronized Cardioversion is active, Code View adds R-Wave arrows and a Sync notification
to the display. The Sync button is also backlit. See
Figure 52
Code View With Sync Layout

Delivering a Synchronized Shock

To perform synchronized cardioversion:
Turn the Therapy knob to the desired energy setting
Press the Sync button (see
Confirm that the Sync button lights up, the Sync indicator is present and R-Wave arrows appear
only with each R-Wave.
Press the yellow Charge button on the Efficia DFM100, or if using paddles, the yellow charge
button located on the apex paddle.
When the defibrillator has reached its charge level, make sure no one is touching the patient or
anything connected to the patient. Call out clearly and loudly "Stay Clear".
Figure 1
R-Wave arrows do not always appear at the peak of the R-Wave but always appear on the
R-Wave. Use the Lead Select button to change leads if the R-Wave arrows do not appear
You may increase or decrease the selected energy at any time during charging or after
charging. Move the Therapy knob to the desired energy level. The Efficia DFM100 charges
to the selected energy level automatically. Wait until the charge reaches the selected energy
level before proceeding.
If you need to disarm the defibrillator, press the
defibrillator disarms automatically when the Shock button has not been pressed within the
time period specified in the Time to Auto Disarm configuration setting.
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Code View and Cardioversion
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