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M55 Barracuda fug am, A31008-H6300-A40-1-4A19 (20. May 2003, 16:01)

Safety precautions

Switch off in hospitals or in the
vicinity of medical devices, e.g.
pacemakers or hearing aids.
Mobile phones can interfere
with the function of these devic-
es. A minimum distance of 20
cm between pacemaker and
mobile phone should be kept.
When using the mobile phone
hold it to the ear which is farther
removed from the pacemaker.
Always use the handsfree kit for
calls while driving (p. 134).
Mobile phones must be
switched off at all times in an air-
craft. To prevent accidental acti-
vation, see (p. 22).
Switch off near petrol stations,
fuel depots, chemical plants or
blasting operations. Mobile
phones can interfere with the
operation of technical installa-
The ring tone and hands-free
speaker are reproduced through
the earpiece. Never hold the
handset to your ear when the
handset is ringing or when using
the hands-free speaker mode.
Serious and permanent damage
could occur to your hearing!
SIM card may be removed. Cau-
tion! Small parts could be swal-
lowed by children.
The mains voltage specified on
the power supply unit must not
be exceeded.
We recommend you use only
original Siemens batteries
(100% mercury-free) and charg-
ing devices. Otherwise consid-
erable health risks and damage
to the product cannot be exclud-
Neither the phone nor the bat-
tery (100% mercury-free) may
be opened under any circum-
stances (except when exchang-
ing the battery, SIM card or top
shell). Any other changes to this
device are strictly prohibited, as
they will invalidate the type ap-
proval criteria required for oper-
ation of the unit.
Please note:
Dispose of used batteries and
phones according to the legal
Mobile phones can interfere
with the operation of nearby
TVs, radios or PCs.
We recommend you use only
original Siemens accessories to
avoid possible damage and to
comply with the existing regula-
Improper use invalidates the warranty!


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