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Battery - Kawasaki VN900 2007 Owner's Manual

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The battery installed in this vehicle
is a sealed type, and the sealing strip
should not be removed at any time af-
ter the specified electrolyte has been
installed in the battery for initial service.
It is not necessary to check the battery
electrolyte level or add distilled water.
However, in order to maximize bat-
tery life and ensure that it will provide
the power needed to start the motor-
cycle you must properly maintain the
battery's charge. When used regularly,
the charging system in the motorcycle
helps keep the battery fully charged. If
the motorcycle is only used occasion-
ally or for short periods of time, the bat-
tery is more likely to discharge.
Due to their internal composition,
batteries continually self discharge.
The discharge rate depends on the
type of battery and ambient temper-
ature. As temperatures rise, so does
the discharge rate. Every 15°C (27°F)
doubles the rate.
Electrical accessories, such as digi-
tal clocks and computer memory, also
draw current from the battery even
when the key is switched off. Combine
such "key–off" draws with hot temper-
ature, and a battery can go from fully
charged to completely discharged in a
matter of days.


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