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Using The Airplane Model; Quick Functions; Dialer - Haier HC-D1600 User Manual

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2.9 Using the airplane model

Some locations may require you to turn off your phone's mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
wireless connections. You can turn off all these wireless connections at once by placing
your phone in Airplane mode. There are 2 ways you can set up airplane model:
1. Pressing and holding the power key and touch Airplane mode in the options menu.
2. On home screen, touching menu key > Settings > network & connectivity > Check
Airplane Mode

3. Quick Functions


3.1.1 Dial numbers
When logo of network provider appears on the screen, you can dial or answer calls.
Information bars at upper left corner of the screen show intensity of network signal. (Four
information bars represent most intense signal.)
Since quality of call is greatly affected by barrier, movement in small range can effectively
improve quality of call. Make domestic phone call
Enter the interface of dialer Input phone number and then Click send key to start the call. If
the phone number needs to be changed, please delete characters. While dialing, dialing
animation will be displayed on the screen. Once the other side is put through, talk state
information will be displayed on the screen.
After the call, please click the icon of the end call.
You can enter domestic phone numbers according to following sequence:
Area code Phone number Send key. Make international Call
To make an international call, press number key 0 until pre-fix symbol "+" for international
long-distance call appears on the screen.
You can enter international phone number according to following sequence:
Country code Complete phone number Send key
After pre-fix, enter country code and complete phone number you want to dial. According
to conventions, county code for Germany is 49, and 44 for UK and 46 for Sweden, etc.
Similar to making an international call, "0" before city code should be removed.
For example, you must dial +86 21 114 if you want to dial Shanghai's service hotline from
another country.



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