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Haier HC-D1600 User Manual page 10

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Note: In some networks, it is not allowed to use "+" to dial international phone numbers. Dial a number in the list
Every phone number you dialed or received is saved in call log list in your cell phone.
Phone numbers you dialed or received recently are recorded in the call log list, Phone
number of the call you received most recently is located at the top of every list. When
phone number list is full, old numbers will be deleted automatically. Operate as follows:
Phone numbers appear in the lists can be dialed directly by clicking Send key.
In phone number list, click contact to view details and so on.
3.1.2 To receive a call
When there is an incoming call, incoming call animation will be displayed together with
special ringtone or vibration. If phone number of the caller can be recognized, the number
will be displayed on incoming call screen. If information about the number is stored in
contacts, caller's name and icon will also be displayed. At the same time, specified
ringtone will be played or play music or vibrate according to current settings. If caller hides
his/her number or the network bans call indication, the incoming call is displayed as ******.
Click [accept] or slide the icon of [answer] to answer calls.
When you want to reject the incoming call, touch the icon of the reject directly.
3.1.2 During a phone call Managing a multi-party call
If you receive a new call while you are already on a call, you can connect the second call
to the call you are on or reject it. If you receive the new call, you can switch between the
two calls or merge them and set up a conference call with multiple callers. Switching between calls
The active call number will be on the first line and the other will be hold. You can switch
the two calls by selecting one of them on screen or menu. The hold call will be kept
automatically and the conference will not be heard by the hold one. If you hang up either
of them, the other one will be active automatically. Making a Conference Call
You can also set up a conference call with multiple callers. The steps are following:
1. Establishing two calls, either by dialing or answering an incoming call.
2. when the two calls are active, making a conference call by selecting the merge-call on



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