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Using Your Dryer; Load The Dryer - Whirlpool HybridCare Use & Care Manual

Heat pump dryer
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WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before
operating this appliance.
Clean the lint screen
Clean the lint screen before each load. Pull the lint screen
straight up and out. Press tab down and open lint screen. Roll
lint off the screen with your fingers. Push the lint screen firmly
back into place.
IMPORTANT: Clean lint screen before each dryer use as a
screen blocked with lint will increase drying time.
Clean HybridCare™ Filter
Clean the HybridCare™ Filter when light
comes on after every 5 cycles. Open filter
door on bottom of the dryer and grab the
handle to pull out filter. Set filter on the dryer and pull out lint
screen on bottom of filter. Roll lint off screen with fingers and
place back in filter housing. (There maybe some water in the
filter and this is normal.) For additional cleaning information,
see "Dryer Care."
IMPORTANT: For best drying performance, clean HybridCare™
Filter after every 5th load. Light will reset after filter is cleaned
and loaded back into filter housing.

Load the dryer

Open the door by pulling on the handle. Place laundry in the
dryer. Add a dryer sheet to wet load if desired. Close the door.
IMPORTANT: Do not tightly pack the dryer. Items need to tumble
freely. Tightly packing can lead to poor drying performance and
may increase wrinkling and tangling.

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Table of Contents

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