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Hybridcare™ Heat Pump Technology - Whirlpool HybridCare Use & Care Manual

Heat pump dryer
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A typical dryer uses large amounts of energy; this dryer consumes a fraction of the energy by recycling and reclaiming heat.
The HybridCare™ dryer is a ventless heat pump dryer that uses a refrigeration system to dry and recycle the same air.
The laundry is dried with low temperatures; therefore it may feel cooler than expected during and after the drying process.
The heat pump dryer's heating phase is longer than in traditional dryers. If possible, do not open the dryer door during the
process as heat can escape from the drum and can make longer drying times.
HybridCare™ Heat Pump Unit
Heat Exchanger/Condenser is heating
up the air
Air blower is cooling air
Evaporator is cooling and discharging
condensation water
Use Automatic Cycles for better fabric care and energy savings
Use the Automatic Cycles to provide the most energy savings and enhanced fabric care from the dryer. During Automatic
Cycles, drying air temperature, heat pump unit temperature, and moisture level are sensed in the load. This sensing occurs
throughout the drying cycle and the dryer shuts off when the load reaches the selected dryness. Use the NORMAL dryness level
to provide optimal energy savings.
With Timed Dry, the dryer runs the amount of time set and can result in shrinkage, wrinkling, and static due to over-drying. Use
Timed Dry for the occasional damp load that needs a little more drying time or when using the drying rack.
Benefits of HybridCare™ Heat Pump
• ENERGY: Regenerates energy to reduce overall energy
• PERFORMANCE: Two available modes allow flexibility to
manage drying performance and energy savings.
• FABRIC CARE: Capability to use less heat than vented dryer.
• VENTLESS DESIGN: Allows installation in more locations
throughout the home.
New Sounds from HybridCare™ Heat Pump
• Dryer runs on a compressor like your refrigerator and you
may notice a hum from the compressor.
• The water from wet clothes is pumped out to your drain.
You may notice a gurgling sound occasionally.

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Table of Contents

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