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Manual Conventions; Manual Symbols; Datamate Software - Siemens 125-1957 Owner's Manual

Apogee unit vent controller ⎯ 0 to 10v output.
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Manual Conventions

The following table lists conventions used in this manual.
Actions that you should
perform are specified in
boldface font.
Error and system
messages are displayed
in Courier New font.
New terms appearing for
the first time are

Manual Symbols

The following table lists symbols that used to draw your attention to important information.

Datamate Software

Datamate is a customer software tool for all controller communications. There are two
versions: Datamate Base, and Datamate Advanced. Datamate Base works on an IBM-
compatible Personal Computer (PC), or a Handheld PC or Pocket PC™ running Windows
CE. Datamate Advanced works only on an IBM-compatible Personal Computer.
With Datamate, you can back up, restore and edit any APOGEE
Datamate Advanced allows you to edit points offline). Backing up and restoring a database is
accomplished while connected to any APOGEE
Network (ALN) or Field Level Network (FLN) device in question. A modem and telephone
lines can also be used. Databases can be saved for permanent storage or used as backup.
For more information on Datamate software, refer to the appropriate user guide for the
version of Datamate you are using (Base or Advanced), or contact your local Siemens
Building Technologies, Inc. representative.
Siemens Building Technologies,
Type F for Field panels.
Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box.
The message Report Definition successfully renamed
appears in the status bar.
The Open Processor continuously executes a user-defined set of
instructions called the control program.
Indicates that equipment damage or loss of data may
occur, if a procedure is not performed as specified.
Indicates that personal injury or loss of life may occur to the
user, if a procedure is not performed as specified.
database (but only
field panel, or to the Automation Level
Manual Organization


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