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Saving Call Numbers; Saving Repertory Numbers - Siemens 2010 User Manual

Siemens user's guide corded telephone 2010
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euroset 2010,IM1, A31008-E2010-B100-2-3S19
General note on saving phone settings
Various telephone setting have to be confirmed with the set key
are to be permanently available.
To cancel the setting procedure (e.g. after an incorrect entry) without sav-
ing, replace the handset instead of pressing

Saving call numbers

Saving repertory numbers

You can save up to 20 call numbers using the two levels of the repertory
Lift the handset, then press the set key.
(Also press
Press the repertory key under which the repertory
call number is to be stored.
Enter the call number to be stored (max. 32 digits).
Press the set key then replace the handset.
You can store dial pauses of 3 seconds by pressing
occur as the first element in a call number).
Tip: Key sequences for special functions on private PABXs and public tele-
phone systems can also be stored on the repertory keys.
Saving with the notebook function
While a call is in progress you can save (note) the number you have dialled
or have been told during the call under a repertory key. However this re-
quires that at least one repertory key is free. This is why we recommend
reserving one key for this function and labelling it "Note".
Saving a dialled call number:
Press the set key followed by the repertory key
under which the call number is to be noted.
Press the redial key to note the d d ialled call number.
Saving a call number which you have been told during the call:
Enter the call number which appears on your display
while the call is in progress.
Press the set key to confirm the call number entered.
. The original setting is then
for the 2nd storage level.)
(a pause should not
– 3 –
- English -
if they

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