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Connect To The Wireless Network - Asus RT-AX88U Quick Start Manual

Wireless-ax6000 dual band gigabit router
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Connect to the wireless network

There are two ways for your wireless clients (notebook, tablet PC, smartphone
and so on) to connect to RT-AX88U's wireless network.
Connect to the wireless network manually
To connect to the wireless network manually:
1. Enable the Wi-Fi function on your wireless client to scan for available wireless
2. Select the SSID or network name that you assigned to your RT-AX88U's net-
3. Enter the password and click Connect.
Connect to the wireless network through WPS
RT-AX88U has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button for you to connect your
wireless client to RT-AX88U's network without entering password.
To connect to the wireless network through WPS:
1. Press the WPS button at the back of RT-AX88U. Refer to the section A quick
look for the location of the WPS button.
2. Press the WPS button of your wireless client within two minutes or follow the
WPS instructions that came with the wireless client. When connecting via
WPS, the WPS LED on your router blinks fast.
3. Wait until your router's WPS LED turns into a solid light indicating a success-
fully connection between your router and your wireless client.

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