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Igmp V2 Fast Leave; Displaying The Igmp Configuration - Siemens S223 User Manual

Siemens single-board fast ethernet switch operators user manual.
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User Manual
SURPASS hiD 6615 S223/S323 R1.5

IGMP v2 Fast Leave

In IGMP version 2, you can minimize the leave latency of IGMP memberships. This com-
mand is used when only one receiver host is connected to each interface.
When this command is not configured, the router sends an IGMP group-specific query
message upon receipt of an IGMP Version 2 group leave message. The router stops for-
warding traffic for that group only if no host replies to the query within the timeout period.
The timeout period is determined by the ip igmp last-memberquery-interval command
and the IGMP robustness variable, which is defined by the IGMP specification. By default,
the timeout period is 2 seconds.
When the ip igmp immediate-leave command is enabled on an interface, the router
does not send IGMP group specific host queries on receiving an IGMP Version 2 leave
group message from that interface. Instead, the router immediately removes the interface
from the IGMP cache for that group, and informs the multicast routing protocols.
To configure the IGMP v2 fast leave, use the following command.
ip igmp immediate-leave group-
list {<1-99> | <1300-1999> |
no ip igmp immediate-leave

Displaying the IGMP Configuration

To display the multicast groups and related information, use the following command.
show ip igmp groups [ detail ]
show ip igmp groups A.B.C.D
[ detail ]
show ip igmp groups INTER-
FACE [ detail ]
show ip igmp groups INTER-
FACE A.B.C.D [ detail ]
show ip igmp interface
show ip igmp interf ace INTER-
Configures the IGMP fast leave function.
1-99: access list number
1300-1999: access list number (expanded range)
WORD: IP named standard access list
Disables the fast leave configuration.
Displays the multicast groups with receivers directly
connected to the router and learned through IGMP.
Displays multicast-related information about an inter-


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