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Siemens 6RA70 Series Instructions Manual Page 80

Microprocessor-based converters from 15a to 1680a for variable speed dc drives.
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Operation with pulse encoder
P083 = 2:
Selecting a pulse encoder type (pulse encoder types see below)
0 No encoder/"Speed sensing with pulse encoder" function not selected
1 Pulse encoder type 1
2 Pulse encoder type 1a
3 Pulse encoder type 2
4 Pulse encoder type 3
1. Pulse encoder type 1
Number of pulses of pulse encoder (in pulses/revolution)
Matching to pulse encoder signal voltage
0 Pulse encoder outputs 5 V signals (requires separate 5V encoder supply voltage)
1 Pulse encoder outputs 15V signals (uses internal 15V encoder supply voltage)
Resetting parameter P142 to the alternative 5V setting does not switch over the supply
voltage for the pulse encoder (terminals X173.26 and 27).
Terminal X173.26 always supplies +15V. An external voltage supply must be provided for
pulse encoders requiring a 5V supply.
Setting the maximum operating speed for pulse encoder operation (in revolutions/minute).
The speed set in this parameter corresponds to an actual speed (K0040) of 100%.
Operation without tachometer (EMF control)
P083 = 3:
Freely wired actual value
P083 = 4:
Siemens Energy & Automation
SIMOREG DC Master Base Drive Panel Operating Instructions
The actual speed is supplied by the pulse encoder (K0040)
Encoder with two pulse tracks mutually displaced by 90° (with or without zero marker)
Track 1
X173 28, 29
Track 2
X173 30, 31
Zero marker
X173 32, 33
The actual speed is supplied from the "Actual EMF" channel (K0287),
but scaled with P115.
EMF at maximum speed (Note: EMF = Terminal voltage – IxR)
1.00% to 140.00% of rated converter supply voltage at r071.
The actual value input is defined with P609.
Number of connector to which actual speed controller value is connected.
(Normal selection)
(Special encoder)
(Special encoder)
(Special encoder)
Heidenhain ROD
Teldix Rotaswitch Serie 26


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