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Charger Installation - Siemens Gigaset 2400 Quick Reference Manual

Handset and charger
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Calling from Your Directory
Press Dirctry.
Press [#] or [$] to find the desired entry.
Press TALK to dial number.
Editing Your Directory
Press Dirctry.
Press [#] or [$] to find the desired entry and press OK.
Select "Edit Entry" and press OK.
to erase characters. Press [!] or ["] to help position the flashing
cursor. To insert a character, move cursor to the right of the desired location and
type the character.
Creating a New Entry
Press MENU and select "Directory."
Select "New Entry" and press OK.
Enter the letters of the name by pressing the related keypad key.
Press [>] to move to the number line and enter the number.
Press OK.
Select "Save Entry" and press OK.
Note: Pressing the ¬ key will capitalize the next letter.
Correct mistakes by pressing [!].
Press [<] or [>] to move up or down a line.
Privacy On/Off
(Not available on all systems)
If Privacy is ON, then the idle mobiles are prevented from joining calls that are
already in progress. The conference feature must be used to create a three party
If Privacy is OFF, then an idle mobile can join an external line call that is already
in progress without having to conference. The idle mobile can join the call by
pressing the JOIN L(1 or 2) softkey for the active line. A tone is presented to the
active callers to advise that a third person (internal) has joined the call.

Charger Installation

The charger cradle can be desktop mounted or wall mounted. DO NOT place the
charger cradle in a location with high humidity or direct sunlight.
Desktop Installation
Plug the charger's power supply cord into a 110V electrical outlet. Place charger on a
flat surface. The charger cradle's plastic feet are designed not to leave marks on
surfaces. For added protection, two additional rubber feet are provided for the bottom
of the charger cradle.
Wall-mount Installation
Before wall mounting, make sure that the cable supplied with the power supply
reaches the electrical outlet. Hold the charger cradle with the inserted handset against
the wall and check whether a communication with the base station exists. (Press INT
on the base and then press the ¬ key. The paging call should be received.)
Drill two holes approximately 1" apart vertically. Insert screws (#6 or #8 pan head, not
provided) into the holes 1/8" from the wall. Attach the charger cradle, sliding the
attachment holes over the screws. Plug the charger's attached power supply cord into
a 110V electrical outlet.


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