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Siemens mobile user's guide
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XT55 GPS Startup User's Guide


This brief guide explains how to establish a GPS connection using the XT55 module.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a world-wide navigation system form from 24
satellites. It uses at least 4 satellites as reference points to calculate the current position.
The GPS receiver embedded in the XT55 module constantly tracks all satellites in view, thus
providing accurate satellite position data.
It allows a quick and uncomplicated configuration and evaluation by the user via local
RS-232 interface (directly connected to the serial port) or via remote (e.g. installed in a
vehicle) GSM (air link).
With Windows HyperTerminal application (utility that is pre-installed on all versions of
Windows 98, 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows 2000) it is possible to receive
GPS position data and alarm status reports, as well as to execute a range of remote
configurations. If the XT55 is configured remotely, prerequisite is the connection of a suitable
GSM modem.

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Prior to using the XT55 engines or upgrading to a new firmware release, be sure to carefully
read the latest product information.
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