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Downloading Avl Software Into The Xt55 Module; Figure 8: Downloading Xt55 Avl Software - Siemens XT55 User Manual

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XT55 GPS Startup User's Guide

2.3 Downloading AVL software into the XT55 module

For downloading the XT55 AVL software it is recommended to use the provided SiRFflash
software. It is a fast in-circuit flash memory programming utility. It needs a serial line to
communicate with the target system and supports a great variety of flash chips.
To download the XT55 AVL software it is recommended to follow the given instruction:
Connect the XT55 module onto the GSM/GPS Evaluation Board (see [7] for details).
Press button 3 to reset the XT55 module.
Start the SiRFflash software by double-clicking on the SiRFflash.exe.
Select the GPS COM port.
Select the application in the "BROWSE" dialog box as shown in Figure 8.
To start the download procedure press the "EXECUTE" button.
Once the download has completed the confirmation message "Flash successfully
programmed" appears.
The XT55 module must be disconnected from its power supply.
Reconnect the XT55 module to the provided power supply source.
Choose "EXIT" to close the SiRFflash software.

Figure 8: Downloading XT55 AVL software

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